Fee Structure Plus

Fee Structure Plus (FSP) is offered through Integrated Financial Settlements as a proprietary solution for structuring attorney fees. This exclusive program brings much needed innovation and forward-thinking investment strategies to the arena of structuring attorney fees.

What is Fee Structure Plus?

Fee Structure Plus allows the attorney to be placed in a program that will enjoy market related returns. This program offers plaintiff attorneys a unique alternative to traditional structured attorney fee options.  With FSP, attorneys can select a passive or active investment management approach using their own financial advisor or a reputable trust company that has been designated for the program.  If you want your fees to be invested pursuant to a comprehensive investment plan as decided by you and/or your advisors, but on a fully tax deferred basis, the compounding opportunity provided by FSP cannot be beat!

What Benefits Can Be Achieved Through FSP?

  • Potential for income and tax deferral
  • Attorney may utilize their personal financial advisor
  • Periodic payments designed to meet unique, individual needs
  • Market-related returns

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