Lien Resolution

Outsourcing liens takes the time and headache away from you and your staff so that you may focus on income-producing tasks.  Through our strategic partner, ARCHER,  Monarch can help you effectively resolve your clients’ insurance liens.

Our team resolves liens — whether they are mass tort or single event cases — faster and with greater reductions than those attorneys who deal in settlement or litigation alone. Our team’s focus, backed by decades of experience, enables us to provide superior, timely results with Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, ERISA, government plans (e.g., TRICARE, VA, and Indian Health Affairs), and private insurance coverage.

Mass tort liens can be a challenge due to the growing complexity surrounding lien resolution.  Obstacles can include dealing with Medicare Advantage, group modeling with CMS, and PLRP vs. non-PLRP debates

Our lien resolution expertise at strategic partner, ARCHER, gives us an unparalleled ability to serve our clients:

  • Communication: Fair expectations up front mean you always know what should happen.
  • Transparency: We consistently deliver a clear, up-to-date view of exactly how a case evolves.
  • Reliability: We work proactively and carefully to get things done effectively and on-time.
  • Responsiveness: Whenever you have questions, you can rely on a timely, thorough response.
  • Satisfaction: Our network stands on referrals and recommendations of happy, loyal clients.

Archer’s staff possesses over 70 combined years of lien resolution and subrogation experience.  They have provided resolution services for such projects as:

Transvaginal Mesh, Pradaxa, Stryker hip, Avandia, Yaz, HRT, Kugel Mesh, Skechers Toning Shoes, silica, denture cream, oil-rig hearing loss, and more.

Archer’s experience also includes strong working knowledge of Medicare group modeling, processing non-group-modeling liens through the special projects division at Medicare, and private lien-resolution.

Why outsource single-event lien resolution?

To put it simply, a team that focuses on nothing but negotiating liens will typically produce better, faster results. With that in mind, the top five reasons to outsource single-event liens are:

  • Results: Dedicated lien-resolution specialists will often obtain better results.
  • Rules: Rules of Professional Conduct allow lien specialist fees as a case expense.
  • Resources: Outsourcing allows clients to focus their own resources in other areas.
  • Rates: Our contingency-based standard pricing means we’re paid to perform.
  • Return: The cost of outsourcing provides excellent benefit to parties involved.