Medicare (MSP) Compliance & Medicare Set-Asides

Working with strategic partner, ARCHER, Monarch can help you determine whether you should look into a Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) or some other compliance tool based on the parameters of your case

Monarch offers complimentary case consultations to learn if the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Statute applies to your case.

Even though Medicare Set Asides (MSAs) are not currently required for liability cases, there are some cases where an MSA may be the most conservative way to make sure you are protecting your client and your firm.

ARCHER’s team of MSA consultants are some of the foremost experts in the industry and all MSAs have a three-business-day standard turnaround.

Liability MSAs may be appropriate in cases where claimants have catastrophic injuries that require future care Medicare would otherwise cover. Even so, other options (as outlined on the “Other MSP Compliance Tools” tab) may be more appropriate depending on the facts of each specific case.

The Medicare Secondary Payer Statute (42 USC § 1395y(b)) does not always set clear guidelines on how to ensure Medicare is a secondary payer when it comes to future reimbursement responsibilities.

Monarch will work with ARCHER to review and analyze the facts of your specific case so we are able to recommend the most appropriate solution.

Some of ARCHER’s MSP future compliance services, outside of MSAs, include:

  • Free Case Consultations
  • Guidance on Using Treating Physician Letters for Liability Cases
  • Guidance on No-Action or No-MSA Memorandums

Contact us if you have questions on whether you should consider a Medicare Set-Aside or some other form of Medicare Compliance in your case.