Enhanced Attorney Fee Structure

Enhanced Attorney Fee Structure (EAFS) is also a structured settlement, but it is funded with one or more pre-selected Vanguard Life-Strategy Funds administered by Midwest Trust.  This unique product allows attorneys to structure all or a portion of their fees on a pre-tax basis, affording them the ability to potentially earn a higher rate of return in the market.

This product is for the attorney who is looking for a potential higher internal rate of return and desires more control over how his/her money is invested.

EAFS brings unique options for deferred fee structures, including:
• Increased Investment Options
• Potentially greater growth in the market
• The ability to hedge for inflation
• Unique deferral opportunity/leverage deferral
• Customized investment portfolio to suit their needs
• Utilize pre-tax dollars to invest in Vanguard Funds
• Proven industry leader in Vanguard and Midwest Trust
• A wide variety of investment options offered by Vanguard through Financial Counselors Inc.