Pierre Coolen

Monarch did an absolutely fantastic job maximizing the value of a recent workers’ compensation case in which I represented the injured worker. This was a...

Sydney H

Monarch was outstanding! They made everything simple and efficient. If you want a smooth and easy process, call Monarch.

Rosa Alvarez

Monarch is fantastic.  They educated me on the process and explained each step.  They were continually communicating with me and the client.

Beth Meyer-Hawkins

I always enjoy working with Monarch. Dan and Taylor are personable, friendly, and efficient.  They offer great customer service and are right there for asking...

Vinny D’Assaro

Monarch has helped my clients with structured settlements, Medicare Set-Asides (MSAs), and resolving Medicare liens.  They are prompt, knowledgeable and provide courteous services for both...

Jennifer Wilson

Working with Monarch is efficient, quick, and easy. I would absolutely recommend them to others…you cannot beat their efficiency!

Jeff Petree

Monarch does excellent work.  Taylor has always gone above and beyond every time I have worked with her….before and after the deal. She presented us...